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SMB Network and Server monitoring

Simple monitoring services may alert you to service interruptions, but they lack the professional support required to get your back server online. At 247Techies we combine server monitoring and management solutions to both detect and repair server issues. Our flexible programs allow you to design monitoring and downtime response plans to meet your needs. By working with you and your service providers, we can find and fix service outages before they impact your small business. Get started now !

Your systems are Monitored and Alerted 24x7

In order to ensure maximum uptime, our team proactively monitors your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. Our alerting systems are automated, but we don't just stop at sending alerts, we act on it and offer actionable advice to minimize downtime. There are real men behind the machines; after all we support your business and not the machine.

Get started instantly- Monitor, Manage and Fix

Our techs will instantly start supporting you desktop, server and network devices upon signup. Support is delivered using our world renowned ISO 20000 and ITIL based secure remote support platform. We are a Microsoft® Certified Gold partner and a Small business support specialists. We deliver world class IT solutions which only the large companies had access to before at affordable prices to SMB's through a combination of global best practices, Six Sigma and knowledge management processes.

Services Offered

Availability monitoring

Service availability checks are performed at defined intervals. We monitor HTTP, SMTP, DNS, email and other critical services.

Outage response

When combined with our management services, we respond to service alerts within minutes. Not only will you know there's a service issue — you're also assured that we're working to fix it.

Backup monitoring

Our backup and disaster recovery service has built-in monitoring to alert us should backup processes fail.

30 day Moneyback